Personal Injury

Within one week after leaving public service and opening his own law office, Mr. Tormey was asked to represent a defendant in a personal injury case. The person who hired Mr. Tormey was a lawyer who worked for a national insurance company and he realized that someone with Mr. Tormey’s trial experience would prove helpful.

Within days after that case ended, Mr. Tormey was asked to try another case on behalf of the insurance company. Within a few weeks after that, Mr. Tormey was inundated with requests from insurance companies, law firms and individuals who wanted him to try their personal injury cases.

Eventually, Mr. Tormey became the New York Counsel for a large, international oil company that sought Mr. Tormey’s expertise in defending it from personal injury claims. In addition, a publicly traded insurance company asked Mr. Tormey to serve as their New York Counsel on all cases it had in the New York metropolitan area.

After years of representing insurance companies and the oil company, Mr. Tormey began representing the people who were injured in those terrible accidents.

Because Mr. Tormey first began his personal injury career working for insurance companies, he demonstrated a keen insight into the trial of personal injury cases. Mr. Tormey knew these cases from both sides. He knew what an insurance company would look for to try and reduce the award to the injured person but he also knew what needed to be done to get the best possible award for his clients.

While Mr. Tormey is still asked, on occasion, to defend someone accused of negligence, the vast bulk of his personal injury work is spent helping people who have suffered significant and often debilitating injuries caused by the negligence of others. Since, opening his own office in 1990, Mr. Tormey has achieved numerous victories for his injured clients and has taken many verdicts totaling in the millions of dollars.

If you have a serious personal injury case and want a lawyer to represent you who has over twenty years of experience in the personal injury field, who knows how to try a case and who knows how to obtain the most for your injury, Mr. Tormey is the lawyer for you.
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