Criminal Defense

For almost 40 years, Tom Tormey has been handling all types of criminal cases from major federal offenses like narcotics smuggling and organized crime to smaller cases like shoplifting, DWI and assault. If you retain Mr. Tormey you will find that no matter the size or the nature of the case, you will receive his unbounded attention to detail and you will feel like his only client.

Mr. Tormey’s Experience

Tom Tormey began his career as a lawyer working for the esteemed Robert M. Morgenthau as an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan D.A.’s office.

There, in the beginning, Mr. Tormey, handled a wide variety of cases. Working on these many, smaller cases taught Mr. Tormey not only how to try a case but how to evaluate a case’s strengths and weaknesses. It also taught him just how important every case is to each of the parties involved.

After only a year, Mr. Tormey was promoted to trying narcotics felonies and was assigned to the Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor of the City of New York. There Mr. Tormey tried many serious narcotics and homicide cases.

Eventually, Mr. Tormey was promoted to the position of Chief of the Special Investigations Bureau or SIB. SIB was a bureau of highly experienced Assistant District Attorneys who prosecuted major narcotics violators using a wide variety of investigative techniques like wire-tapping, video and satellite surveillance as well as undercover agents and police.

Mr. Tormey’s success as the Chief of this outstanding bureau is well documented but in 1990, he opened his own office as a criminal defense attorney to help people who have been accused of criminal activity. Since then, for the past 27 years, Mr. Tormey has achieved outstanding success trying criminal cases and helping people in need of the services of a highly experienced, dedicated attorney to guide them through often frightening process of a criminal prosecution.

Dedication and Determination and Experience

Like the success he demonstrated as a prosecutor and Chief of a highly specialized bureau in the Office of the Manhattan District Attorney, Mr. Tormey has demonstrated an outstanding ability to represent people accused of crimes. He is dedicated to serving his clients and determined to see that his client’s receive the finest defense available.