In New York, like many other places, prosecutors are clamping down on drivers who violate the drinking and driving laws. Unfortunately, in their zeal to protect people, the police and prosecutors often sweep up good, decent and innocent people whose only crime may have been to have a glass of wine with dinner.

Unlike other crimes, the rules, laws and techniques needed to defend DWI cases are unique and often complex.

Mr. Tormey has extensive experience in handling DWI cases in his more than 27 years in private practice. The laws in this field are in a constant state of flux and a lawyer who represents people accused of these crimes must keep up with the changes and techniques needed to defend these cases. Mr. Tormey is just such a lawyer.

Specialized Hearings and License Suspensions

Although DWI is a crime involving violations of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, these offenses also involves civil penalties and sanctions such as loss of licenses and forfeiture of a motor vehicle. Unique to DWI are a number of hearings that are not available or even necessary in other criminal cases.

Your lawyer must be familiar with and experienced in handling these different types of hearings. Mr. Tormey has represented numerous clients at Refusal Hearings, Frye Hearings, Pringle Hearings and the like. Mr. Tormey is highly experienced in DWI cases.

Extensive Criminal Trial Experience

Not only must your lawyer be highly experienced in handling the complexities of a DWI case, your lawyer should also have extensive experience in training in criminal trial practice.

Mr. Tormey is just such an attorney.

Don’t assume your license must be revoked or suspended. You may have the right to keep your license. You may not need to suffer a criminal conviction. Speak to an experienced DWI lawyer like Tom Tormey before it’s too late.