Waterfront Commission Representation

Mr. Tormey has been representing longshoremen, checkers and all other people licensed to work on the waterfront of the New York-New Jersey harbor for over 27 years. He has represented clients on almost any case imaginable and has appeared on behalf of his clients in Commission interviews, at Commission hearings and at every stage before, after and in between.

The Waterfront and the Waterfront Commission

The Waterfront of New York and New Jersey Harbors is a unique place and the jobs, hiring practices, investigations and enforcement of penalties are unlike anything, anywhere else. Even the language used to describe a person’s job or duty is unique, antiquated and used no where else in any other occupation.

Like the waterfront, the Waterfront Commission is also a unique place. It has its own special rules, its own language and is own method of dealing with perceived violations of its rules and regulations. Walking into a Waterfront Commission interview or hearing without an attorney who is highly experienced in dealing with the Commission is like walking into a mine-field. It’s never good and could get very messy.

Don’t Go It Alone

Your job on the waterfront is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it and protect yourself. If you are called in by the Waterfront Commission, speak to Mr. Tormey first, and then you can decide whether you should have an experienced attorney with you, looking out for you and your family.